"Search & Seizure/Search Warrant" (12 individual tapes)

This series of recorded video is designed to provide information to law enforcement officers concerning Search and Seizure and Search Warrants with emphasis upon conducting warrantless searches. The video presentation is designed to be utilized in roll-call type training programs within each law enforcement or criminal justice agency. The training program is divided into twelve (12) segments with each segment lasting between 25 to 30 minutes, for a total of almost five (5) hours of training!

View a sample video clip from Segment #1

NOTE: To avoid skipping, it is suggested to download the clip(s) to your computer by right-clicking on the link(s) and choosing "Save Target As".

Full Clip (poor quality) - Approximately 2:45 in length, 7.19 MB
Short Clip (poor quality) - Approximately 0:13 in length, 0.62 MB

Full Clip (high quality) - Approximately 2:45 in length, 28.2 MB
Short Clip (high quality) - Approximately 0:13 in length, 2.29 MB

Thirteen segments as follows:
Segment #1: The Fourth Amendment, the Exclusionary Rule, Consensual Encounters
Segment #2: Seizures under the Fourth Amendment, "Why we stop people"
Segment #3: Length of Investigative Detentions
Segment #4: Stop and Frisk
Segment #5: Search Incident to an Arrest
Segment #6: Probable Cause - Motor Vehicle Exception
Segment #7: Plain View and Plain Feel
Segment #8: Administrative Inventory
Segment #9: Consent to Search
Segment #10: Abandonment of Property, Private Individual Searches & Protective Sweep
Segment #11: Search Warrants
Segment #12: 2003 Update - Search and Seizure
Segment #13: 2004 Update - Search and Seizure

In addition to receiving the entire videotape series, you will receive the following with your order:

  • Study guide for each segment with detailed information concerning court
    cases of interest
  • Written examination for each taped segment
  • Examination key for law enforcement supervisors

Original 11 Tape Set - $500.00 ( includes shipping & handling)

Individual Updates 2003 & 2004 - $55.00 each (includes shipping & handling)

Full Set: Original 11 Tape Set, 2003 and 2004 update - $600.00 ( includes shipping & handling)

Orders are being taken...Contact NCPI for more information or to reserve your copy.


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