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Updated 1/24/22

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On January 11, 1999, the North Coast Polytechnic Institute (NCPI) began operations to provide training to law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies. There is a need within the law enforcement sector to provide EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, and PROFESSIONAL training that is meaningful and professionally taught. NCPI will bring any of these training programs to your agency. The host agency must locate a training facility to host the school. Discounted rates will be available to the host agency.


As you know, OPOTA has mandated twenty-four (24) hours of CPT in 2023. As in 2022, I plan to provide this in-person training to officers and agencies that have an interest in hosting. Some of the same departments that hosted CPT in 2022 have already contacted me about hosting again.

As of today, eight (8) hours of the training will be mandatory to include: 3 hours on School Safety Training; 3 hours on Legal Updates and 2 hours on Arrest, Search and Seizure. OPOTA is in the process of developing lesson plans on these topics and hopes to have them posted by early February.

The remaining sixteen (16) hours of training will be "optional" training topics that meet the requirements of the ORC for law enforcement training. I have proposed to provide 16 hours on the following topics: 4 hours on Criminal Patrol-Looking Beyond the Traffic Stop; 4 hours on Ethical Leadership/Accountability; 4 hours on Crucial Conversations, 2 hours on Verbal Judo/Crisis De-Escalation and 2 hours on Officer Wellness. I have already prepared lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations on those 16 hours of optional topics and they have been submitted to OPOTA via their CPT PreApproval email box portal. Hopefully, OPOTA will pre-approve my 16 hours of optional training and assign CPT numbers as in the past. Once all of the training lesson plans have been approved, dates and locations of CPT training will be posted on my web site. In the meantime, I am locking in agencies that want to host the training with tentative dates listed on my calendar for 2023 training. I expect my staff and I will have a busy year of CPT (as done in 2022). Please call 440-353-0796 if your department is interested in hosting a class.

Up and Coming schools:

*Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Schools:


  • Attorneys:Search and Seizure/Search Warrants: $99 - Apr 20, 2023 (Richmond Hts PD)
  • Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction-
  • Detectives -
  • Police Executives: PEALS 2023 Police Executive and Administrative Leadership School - Host: Cleveland Metroparks PD March 6-10, Apr 3-7, May 1-5, 2023 Cost: $1800
  • Supervisors: First Line Supervision $450: Newburgh Hts PD Feb 27-Mar 3 and Stark Co SO March 27-31
  • Accident Investigators: Level I: Basic "At Scene" Accident Investigation May 22-26 Host: Eastlake PD $450; Level II: Advanced Accident Investigation ( 2 wk school -FALL dates to be determined) Host: Eastlake PD $950; Level III: Vehicle Dynamics Apr 24-28 Host: Brooklyn PD $500; Level IV : Accident Reconstruction ( 2 wk course: - FALLdates to be determined) Host: Brooklyn PD $950


  • Director Healy is available for individualized training related to assessment center preparation for officers or supervisors pursuing promotion. Training would include an in-basket exercise, and how to prepare for a group problem solving project, supervisor/subordinate conflict, complaint handling, media relations and oral interview.
  • Director Healy is also available as an expert witness, and can provide insight and expertise in writing expert reports and providing expert testimony in depositions and/or jury trials. Call for more information






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